Our sessions are $3000 flat rate per month. If you choose to stay for additional months, we will adjust your pricing to account for differences in travel costs.

We review and accept members as they apply. Due to overwhelming demand, it may take up to 5 days to review applications. Once reviewed, we will send you an email with your application status and more info, so sit tight!

Your fees cover the following:

• Airline Tickets to and from the destination
• Upscale and safe accommodations, including WiFi and working space 24/7
• Tour Manager to help you with anything before, during, and after the trip
• Breakfast each morning
• A Welcome Mixer to get everyone in the group acquainted after arrival
• A Metro Pass to help you get out and see the sites
• A Farewell Dinner to send everyone off

You will need a passport to travel with CRUISR, which we will confirm during your final interview. Most countries require that your passport be valid for at least six months after the end of the trip, and some locations may require visas. We will help you with all the details if you are selected.

One of the most valuable and unique aspects of CRUISR, is the community that we hand pick to come together for each session. We are looking for great diversity across industries, cultures, age, interests, beliefs and passions. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, artist, doctor, DJ, yogi, programmer or a juggler, we look for people with drive to discover the world, and who will work well within the communities we curate.

To participate in a session, you must agree to stay at the selected accommodations, and travel with your group; because we book everything as a group, we are able to pass along group discounts to our groups.

Food ends up being the biggest budget shifter for our travelers; your budget can reduce significantly if you utilize the kitchen space included in your accommodations, while foodies will need to stay conscious of their budget. Generally, we recommend budgeting $40-$100 per day, if you plan to eat out for one or more meals. We recommend budgeting:

Per Day:

• $5-15 for lunch
• $20-40 for dinner
• $10-25 for drinks/going out after dinner
• $5-10 for local travel costs

As soon as a session is made available, we'll update members through email, and add it to our site. Trips tend to fill up fast and are first come first serve, so make sure to reserve as early as possible!

Pack as light as possible! For new travelers, overpacking is often a mental crutch while 'running into the unknown' that is a new country. The best way to look at your packing is to make sure you bring items that are reusable, and can be layered. Here's a great article from USAToday that can help you plan.

Your Tour Manager is available 24/7 in each city with you for the whole trip. They can help you navigate the city, work out logistics for local travel, and connect you with whatever is needed to make your trip enjoyable.