2017 Sessions



London is the land of endless options. From dungeons and pubs, to skyscrapers and nightclubs, there's plenty to see in one month. Make sure to check out the guards at Buckingham Palace, and grab a late night curry.


Medieval and contemporary at the same time – and it even has a beach.  A world-class art and design culture, the architecture is wonderfully whimsical. Sagrada Família will be a great example of this – if they ever get around to finishing it (130 years later...). 

2018 Sessions



Capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam has over 400km of bicycle paths. Bike along café-lined waterways, or boat through it's intricate canal systems. Visit museums or grab a cold Dutch beer at a local bar. The pastries are well known but watch out for those brownies.



Paris is Paris – it has some of the most iconic architecture, food and art in the world. In addition to the obvious attractions, it's worth spending some time doing as the locals do. This is the perfect city to live out your Rom-Com fantasies.

Detailed Itineraries are distributed a few weeks before departure, with more travel tips and insights than you can shake a stick at. Each month, our CRUISRs travel to a new international city. Any of our CRUISRs are welcome to continue onto the next location with us. Members can select any sessions they want to attend that have open seats.